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Mobile Mechanics in Lakewood, WA: Convenient and Effective Auto Repair

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

You love the convenience factor of repair service that comes to you! But what else should you value with mobile mechanics in Lakewood, WA?

Our team at Proformance Auto breaks it down for you with a detailed overview of the qualities that matter.

Will they come to you?

It sounds obvious, but it's an important first detail!

Check whether the mobile mechanics in Lakewood, WA serve your location. You can confirm these details over the phone or find them on the business’s website.

Do they have good reviews?

Existing customers are a great resource to gauge the level of service you can expect. Check for online reviews. Look for a 4-5 star average with plenty of reviews. But also consider some of the common themes in customer feedback.

Positive comments should cover:

  • Completing your vehicle repairs on time

  • Acting friendly and approachable on-site

  • Going above and beyond

  • Performing in a reliable fashion

Are they affordable?

Mobile mechanics in Lakewood, WA shouldn’t cost more than traditional auto repair shops. These on-the-go businesses have to compete with those locations. For that reason, their prices should remain competitive.

If they have five-star reviews, comparable pricing, and the convenience factor of coming to your home and office, it’s a major plus!

Are they ASE-certified?

Credentials are another piece of the puzzle. Check to see if they have the same qualifications as professional technicians. Confirm they have certifications that matter like Automotive Service Excellence.

Peace of mind matters. Mobile mechanics in Lakewood, WA with the proper qualifications will deliver reliable service you can count on.

Do they feel like a friend?

You appreciate quality customer service. A mechanic who responds to you in one-word answers and seems annoyed isn’t worth your time. You’re paying hard-earned money for repairs. As their customer, you deserve respect.

Revisit those reviews to read about interactions with customers. See if the mobile mechanic will take extra time to answer questions. Learn if they will share physical examples and visuals to highlight specific issues.

This added layer of transparency matters. It separates a good from a great mobile mechanic business.

Do they focus on convenience?

Every aspect of your experience working with mobile mechanics in Lakewood, WA should come easy.

Examples of above-and-beyond customer convenience include:

  • Online appointment scheduling

  • Roadside service in case of an emergency

  • Accessible mechanics via phone and email

If a mobile mechanic makes the repair process seamless from start to finish, they run a business you can feel good about partnering with.

Schedule your next mobile mechanic appointment

Proformance Auto is known for going the extra mile. You came to the right place for a mobile mechanic business that delivers every time.

Get your next mobile repair visit in the books today! Schedule online or give us a call to get started.

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