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A Quick Guide To Choosing The Best Mobile Mechanics

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

A Quick Guide To Choosing The Best Mobile Mechanics

Are you searching for dependable mobile mechanics you can trust? Proformance Auto can help you focus on the right criteria for your research!

Our quick guide covers the qualities you need to see before scheduling your first appointment.

1. Look for five-star customer feedback

It all starts with Google reviews! Use Google Maps or your traditional search browser to look up the mobile mechanics in your area. Access their Google profiles and read some of the customer reviews.

A dependable mobile mechanic business will show:

  • 4-5 star average rating (with plenty of reviews)

  • Positive comments speaking to mechanic performance

  • Widespread convenience approval

  • Strong recommendations to schedule an appointment

On the flip side, look out for red flags! Do they have a 2-3 star rating? Does it sound like customers have issues with their vehicles following an appointment? Was the experience inconvenient and time-consuming?

If any of these factors pop up, move on from that mobile mechanic and consider an alternative.

2. Assess qualifications

Experience matters! Any mobile mechanics you consider should have years of serving customers under their belts. While there’s nothing wrong with new businesses, you run the risk of a less-than-ideal maintenance or repair experience.

Check for their credentials online. Is the technician ASE-certified? Do they have other notable accolades? This information will help you gauge whether the trust factor is there.

3. Check for specific services

Not every mobile mechanic may cover your specific maintenance or repair needs! Check their website and Google profile to review the list of services they support. Is wheel alignment not listed? Are brake repairs a standard offering?

You can always call to confirm ahead of scheduling an appointment. But they should have this information online for you to access.

4. Confirm the convenience factor

Convenience is everything for busy daily commuters. Mobile mechanics should accommodate customers’ hectic schedules by offering convenient visit-your-location service.

Check whether the mobile mechanic will even visit your home or office to complete the repairs. Also, see if their operating hours match when you can fit an appointment in.

Proven mobile mechanics make a difference

We covered what a mobile mechanic needs to meet your repair criteria. But it’s also important to acknowledge the advantages!

Quality mobile mechanics have the same qualifications as techs at an auto repair shop in Lakewood, WA. But they will save you significant time and effort by coming to you! You also get a more personalized service, with the opportunity to chat 1:1 with a tech and ask questions about your vehicle.

Mobile mechanics are a no-brainer choice for your vehicle’s recurring maintenance and repair needs.

Schedule mobile mechanic service today

Our team at Proformance Auto looks forward to working with you! Contact us today or schedule a mobile mechanic service appointment online to get started.

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