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6 Advantages of Investing in a Post-Purchase Car Inspection

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

6 Advantages of Investing in a Post-Purchase Car Inspection

A post-purchase inspection? You read that right!

If you’re wondering why you would need an inspection after buying your next daily commuter, you came to the right place for answers.

Our team at Proformance Auto can walk you through all the benefits of scheduling a post-purchase inspection with us.

But First: What is a Post-Purchase Inspection?

As the name indicates, it’s pretty self-explanatory. A post-purchase inspection will involve our certified technicians taking a detailed look at your vehicle.

From diagnostics testing to a physical walk-through, we will analyze every component. If any damage or functionality issues are detected, you will receive those details from us.

When we say every component of your vehicle, we mean it! When our mobile mechanics come for a car inspection at your location, we inspect everything, including:

  • Engine

  • Transmission

  • Suspension

  • Brakes

  • Exterior lighting

  • Interior lighting

  • Steering

  • Electrical

  • And more!

Ride quality is another important factor we will review. Our mechanics will take your vehicle for a test drive, looking out for issues related to performance and safety.

Why Should I Care about a Post-Purchase Inspection?

On first consideration, a post-purchase inspection may sound counterintuitive. Shouldn’t you have just inspected the vehicle before deciding to buy it?

Unfortunately, many pre-purchase inspections are limited. You don’t own the vehicle yet and are therefore capped with how thorough you can get. That may overlook some key issues.

Specifically, a post-purchase inspection helps you:

  • Ensure safety: Due diligence matters. This investment ensures you and your fellow travelers are operating a reliable vehicle.

  • Apply for remaining warranty coverage: Does a pre-owned vehicle you bought still have some of its warranty left? If you conduct an early inspection, you can identify problems and see whether the coverage will take care of necessary repairs.

  • Save money: You heard that right! A post-purchase inspection may reveal minor damage that could become a major issue. If you identify that now and address the problem, you could save hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars in costly repairs.

What Will a Post-Purchase Inspection Cost Me?

Post-purchase inspections are relatively inexpensive! For the most part, you won’t spend more than $300 at a shop to complete this process.

But our mobile post-inspection services are even more cost-effective - starting at $135 only. Of course, many factors influence this cost. Your vehicle’s make and model are one consideration. Other details, like what type of inspection you’d like to complete and your location will affect the final price.

Next Steps

You deserve peace of mind with your latest automotive purchase. A post-purchase inspection will provide a complete picture of your vehicle’s condition. For the reasons we’ve outlined, this investment is worthwhile.

Are you ready to move forward with an inspection? We are happy to provide you with a quote! Book an appointment with us and we will come to your location for an on-site post-purchase inspection.

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